Air Tray Dryer Manufacturer

Air tray dryer are used for drying components through air in small and large scale industries. Air tray dryer consists of a highly effective air circulation system of filtered air. The air tray dryers are electrically heated and the fresh air is re-circulated for optimum drying. The air tray dryer have sturdy construction with featured temperature control and uniform air circulation manufactured for ideal drying. The basic operation of the air tray dryer is the consistent air circulation in the tray for uniform drying of components and removing the moisture from them.

The air tray dryers are used economically in many industries such as food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other sectors. We are a remarkable air tray dryer manufacturer in India. We manufacture the air tray according to the specification of the customer as per the applications. The air tray dryer we manufacture is recognized for their top quality and effective performance. With considerate delivery services, we supply the air tray dryer in India and overseas.


Air Tray DryAir Tray Dryer Manufacturer in Junagadh, India er

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