Best Ribbon Blender Manufacturer, Wholesaler & Exporter in Europe

At Arvinda Blenders we are the most prominent Ribbon Blender Manufacturer in Europe, major cities like Amsterdam, Prague, Berlin, London, Paris, Rome and the like. We are supplying Ribbon Blender basically that are trough-shaped shell with a semi circular bottom, fitted with a horizontal longitudinal shaft on which are mounted arms supporting a mixture of ribbon blades, paddles or helical screws set at a reasonably close clearance to the semi circular mixer body in order that no layer of fabric remains on rock bottom of the ribbon mixer. The most effective design of ribbon layout is that the double spiral during which the outer ribbon moves the merchandise in one direction and therefore the inner ribbon moves it in the opposite direction. The U shape ribbons rotate and move materials both radically and laterally to insure thorough blends briefly cycle times. The capacity ribbon blender will be rated between rated 40% and 70% where ribbon agitators are used for blends.

Paint Mixer Machine Manufacturers, Supplier, Exporter in India

The Ribbon Blender has solids combined with ability to perform, heating, coating, cooling, etc which are used for baby food, bakery premixes, plastics powder, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, talcum powders, cosmetics, fertilizer and the like. The V/U shape ribbon blender are heat controlled blender with heavy-duty drive unit. It studious design and attractive customized design has various outlet valve as per customers requirement specification. Our company’s ribbon blenders will not break the physical size of material when mixing and easy to clean and maintain.

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